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A vast river of pain, dated 7.10

Digital painting by Doron Sharaf

Based on Orna Kohav story


ציור דיגיטלי - נהר רחב ועצום של כאב 7.10 - דורון שרף

Art serves as a unique form of expression, reflecting the profound anguish I experienced after the dark and fateful Saturday of 07.10.

Created from a dialogue with Doron, the painting encapsulates the pain in vibrant hues, resembling the flow of a bitter river bubbling like a boiling lava. Set against a painted blue sky with the sun peeking through, it offers a glimpse of hope for the future. Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh's poem 'Please Call Me by My Real Names,' a verse that lingered in my mind during one of the funerals, the artwork explores the expansiveness of pain, mirroring the wide spectrum of thoughts. The song's message resonates in the acceptance of both pain and joy, urging to keep the heart open.

// Orna Kohav

Orna Kohav \\ Occupational Therapist and Head of Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation at Soroka Hospital. Founder of the Shlamim Center and survivor of the 7.10 attack in Nahal Oz.


Doron Sharf \\ Occupational therapist and illustrator, dedicated to exploring the intricacies of the human soul, feelings, and thoughts. Instegram

Shlemim Center \\ A treatment center that specializes in providing occupational therapy treatments for adults (18+). This center is dedicated to supporting people in achieving their desired lifestyles, particularly when faced with challenges like attention deficit disorder, cognitive limitations, and emotional disabilities. The center is akin to a thriving tree whose roots delve deep into the soil of expertise and professional experience, providing a solid foundation. The branches, characterized by sensitivity, attentive listening, and maturation, extend outward, fostering an environment of growth and support. At the top, the tree's canopy symbolizes creativity, renewal, and the ability to reach into collaborations and new fields without being confined by the boundaries of time and place. Website Instegram 

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