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The Nefashot initiative aims to elevate the discourse surrounding mental health in the public sphere through cultural events, art, and dialogue

Nefashot is an initiative dedicated to promoting mental well-being throughout the year, with the aim of reshaping the current discourse and fostering awareness about the importance of prioritizing mental health. We focus on individuals experiencing mental distress, reaching not only those directly affected but also their families and friends. Our goal is to nurture empathy, encourage sharing, and promote seeking help, fostering a supportive environment free from the stigma associated with mental health crises.

The founding team and initiative activists have diverse connections to the mental health field, including individuals with personal experiences, advocates, family members, treatment teams, creative artists, and community activists.

The initiative's annual flagship event is 'Osim Nefashot Week', Originating as a Jerusalem-based initiative in 2018 around World Mental Health Day, the festival initially took place in public spaces in Jerusalem. In 2020, adapting to social distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, the activities expanded geographically, primarily becoming virtual events. This evolution transformed 'Osim Nefashot Week' into a nationwide initiative, with centers in the north, south, and central Jerusalem.

We believe that meaningful human connections, facilitated through art, creation, and dialogue, have the power to touch many hearts. We see a significant improvement in the field of mental health as a collective responsibility to the communities we serve, embracing every individual within it.

Nefsot's activities are made possible through the generous support of the Common Sense Fund and the Jerusalem Foundation, as part of the Bar-Kayma for Culture, Art, Music, and Peace association.


Visit our website for information about 'Nefashot' activities, details about the creators and their works. All rights to texts, photos, and images are reserved for individuals working as part of the Bar-Kayma for Culture, Art, Music and Peace association under 580450898, unless otherwise noted. For material usage or error reporting, please contact us at

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